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Our company


Dear Customer!

OOO “MECHANIC” is a legally independent commercial enterprise, which was organized in 2003 as a result of   restructuring of the   leader of machine-tool construction   PA “Kolomna Heavy Machine Tool Factory” .      

Machine tool servicing

The aggregate space of industrial and auxiliary areas is 5400 square meters. Number of employees   is   95.    

The main services of OOO “MECHANIC”, are the following:

  • overhaul , revamping  and  retrofitting of metal working equipment   ;
  • engineering and design working out   of new metal working equipment, and of overhaul ,  revamping  and  retrofitting works of metal working equipment 
  • manufacture   of  new metal working equipment;
  • manufacture of transporting lines for pipe and foundry works
  • manufacture of units and spare parts  for machines

Skilled engineers and production  personal  of our enterprise   ensure the   manufacturing   of equipment     which conforms to last  achievements of science and engineering  and is fitted  out with modern    control systems and completing items.

Modernization of equipment lets noticeably reduce the capital outlays of our Customers when fitting out the production with modern high technological equipment.  Metal cutting machines after retrofitting and revamping at “MECHANIC” are equipped with new mechanical units, set of modern electrical and hydraulic equipment and control systems. As a result the Customer gets a machine with new technological  abilities

Modernization of pipe cutting and box pipe end machining equipment includes complete reconstruction of precision parameters and change of   depreciated units and parts, manufacture and renewal of   chucks and turret heads,complete change of electrical and hydraulic equipment,fitting out with modern  CNC control systems,PC, feed and main motion drives


Production range 

The equipment delivered by  OOO”MECHANIC”  distinguishes with high automation grade,  with fitting out the machines  with complicated  precise mechanisms, controlled by modern CNC systems and electrical automatic equipment

The metal working equipment   manufactured by “MECHANIC” is equipped with modern completing items:

Electrical automatic equipment  – on the base of programmable controller (PC)

control system   – CNC- system or DRO device at Customer’s request

hydraulic and pneumatic equipment   – on the base of modern completing items (Russian and foreign made) ensures machine operation during all period of using.

Milling Machines  for machining thin-walled shells  like tanks and cisterns     with vertical rotation axis dia. 2500-5000 mm, 2200mm high. The machine is intended for  high-performance milling at inner and  outer work surfaces of thin-walled cylindrical  parts made of different kinds of metal . The purpose of such  machining  is reduction of weight of parts  while  saving rigidity.


Winding Machines  Special CNC winding machines are   intended for manufacturing parts of  complicated geometrical shape – pipes, balloon, reservoirs,  made of new polymeric  composite materials – organic,  glass and carbon glass fiber in the form of   yarn , bundles, band. The shape of the manufactured parts is like "cocoon", flared end,cone. sphere.

Chucks For Pipe Cutting And Box Pipe End Machining Equipment

Turret Heads 

Equipment installation  The specialists of our enterprise  execute all steps of  machine tool servicing and putting into operation of the delivered equipment, and guarantee  and maintenance service of the manufactured equipment during  the  whole period of its operation.

Contacts   The detailed information about technical specifications of the equipment we manufacture and the placing of orders You can get by phone, by fax , by mail and by E-mail.

E-mail: market@kolmexanik.ru

Address -   РФ 140402,  Окский проспект, 72,  г. Коломна, Московская область (Russia 140402, Oksky Prospect 72 Kolomna, Moscow Region)

General  Director Elesin Aleksej Alexandrovich  Phone:  +7 496 615-18-29   Fax: +7 496 613-40-32 

 Deputy general Director   Jakubson  Grigory Izrailevich   Phone:  +7 496 615-18-29   Fax: +7 496 613-40-32                      

Technical  Director Chertoryzhskiy Roman Jurjevich  Phone:  +7 496 615-18-29   Fax: +7 496 613-40-32                                   

How to get to our enterprise

  The way by car

From Moscow  -  from Moscow Ring Automobile Road along  the route M5 «Moscow – Cheljabinsk» towards Ryazan.  When You enter our town, the route transforms  to Oktyabrskaya Revolucija Street. You move along this street till cross-road with Okskiy prospect. You turn to the right and move straight ahead. You pass by the railway crossing and after 300 m You will see on the right side the enterprise. Trip time from Ring Road  is approximately 1.50 hour.

By interurban bus:

From metro station “KOTELNIKI”, bus station – by express interurban bus “Moscow-KOLOMNA». Trip time is approximately 1.50 hour. Then You go by tram No.1 , 2 , 6 as far as  the  station  « Stankostroiteley”.

By railway:

From Kazansky railway terminal in Moscow  or   railway station "VYKHINO”-  by train  «Moscow –Golutvin’’  as far as   the Station  GOLUTVIN. Then  You go by tram No.1, 2 or 6 as far as the station "Stankostroiteley".